Commercial air-conditioners

Freon air conditioning system is designed to maintain certain climatic conditions in several areas (zones), so these systems are called multi-zone air conditioning. The number of rooms, which made multizone air conditioning, can reach several tens, and each of them can be autonomous (independent) adjustable temperature settings in each room. A modern Wire Line Triple Tube system, allow you to work one of the indoor units simultaneously in different modes, ie, part of the indoor units can be operated to heat, and the cooling part.

Ventilation systems are one of the main types of engineering networks of buildings and structures, normal ventilation (supply and exhaust air) provides comfort, health and life-still for  people, contributes to the normal operation of the equipment. Ventilation rates for different types of premises normalized according local laws and standarts, should be provided by ventilation, calculation and selection are engaged in specialized professionals and companies.

Chillers - outdoor units with air cooling are, in the world practice, the most popular air conditioning systems with the coolant liquid in the power range of 30-350 kW. Produced and supplied by Idea-based chillers Scroll - compressor with built-in and external hydraulic module (for some models), and without it, but with axial fans for outdoor installation, with the additional possibility of working for heating during the cold season.