Options and Accessories VRF

As accessories for the VRF systems are changed refrigerant pipes connectors (refnets) joint refnets for  modular outdoor units, power meters with digital output for system  consumption energy registration.

For indoor units options may also be considered drainage pumps.


In the occurrence of the number of blocks at the modular obdnanny, rfnetti for the second, 3rd or the other 4-oh block in one group, on one central freon highway.

VRF systems are composed of refnet splitters and pipes, making installation of the pipeline network extremely easy. High quality refnet splitters guarantee reliable operation of the whole system.

The design of the refnet - splitters is such that when moving the refrigerant, they practically do not create additional resistance and work quietly. The Electronic Control Valves (EXV) installed in the units evenly distribute refrigerant flows between the operating units depending on their load.