Air-cooled modular chillers 35, 65, 80, 130 kW with Scroll-compressors «Hydronic Smart»

Modular chillers series Hydronic Smart, air-cooled scroll compressor and Danfoss Scroll, allowing modular joint of similar machines. Capacity of the base modules 35, 65, 80 and 130 kW. There is a function of the heat pump, chillers of this series are suitable for air conditioning and heating medium and large objects can be grouped from 2 up to 16 devices (so max. power of 130kW x16 assembly = 2080kW. Wired remote controller included, piping must be purchased and installed separately. Models 35, 65, 80 kW are equipped with low-ambient kit (LAK) that allows you to cool the working fluid in the winter air with temperature  to -10°C.


Currently produces outdoor units with capacity of 35, 65, 80, and 130 kW in the near future plans to expand the number - add a block with integrated hydraulic.

Features of this series:

Apply G-shaped teplobmennik, c larger heat exchange area for equal dimensions of the device.