Fan coils Controllers and Electronic boards

For make control under the fan-coil units, in which the control system is not installed by the factory - and that, often, duct type and ceiling-floor series, offered range of wired controllers with built-in temperature sensor, which is often referred to as thermostats. By type of control panel can be divided into mechanical and electronic. For all types of fan coils can organize group control, but set an external electronic equipment, and the factory is dismantled.
For repair air-conditioners, not metter producer factory, we offer some type of infrared remote controllers and electronics kits, ready for install into any not-inverter split AC.


Available temperature control from -30 ° C to + 30 ° C
Accuracy: ± 0.5 ° C at + 14 ° C
Rated voltage 110-250 In
Contact resistance ≤ 50mΩ
Dielectric strength AC1500V / 1 min.
The length of the capillary tube - 1m
Use: fan coil units, air-conditioning, refrigerated cabinets, showcases, refrigerators, freezers.

Thermostats of the THP-1000ALN (W) series are used to control two pipe fan coils. It can regulate the state of the electric 2-way (3-way) valve and fan speed, which allows creating a comfortable temperature in the room.

Model THP-1000ALW - white body color, has the ability to connect to a home Wi-Fi network.

Model THP-1000ALN - black color of the case.

Термостаты серии S400 применяются для управления  фанкойлами (двух/четырех трубными). Может регулировать состояние электрического 2-х (3-х) ходового клапана и скорость вращения вентилятора, что позволяет создать комфортную температуру в помещении. 

Thermostat HD-P201, for fan coils and air-conditioners without control board.

It allows you to:

  • turn on and off the fan coil.
  • temeraturu adjusted in cooling mode.
  • temeraturu adjusted in heating mode.
  • switch the 3-speed fan.
  • manage 2 or 3-way valve.