For sanitary water

Packaged monoblocks for air-water heat transfer are gaining more and more popularity in the world market because they are the most effective way to heat water for domestic hot water needs at the lowest cost of electricity. Maximize the use and efficiency  (COP) of about 4 in these devices is achieved by summer condition operation.


The commercial series of heat pumps can be used in private, administrative or public buildings, as an alternative to gas / electric heating systems and is designed to prepare water in storage tanks connected to the city water supply.

The range of these products consists of models of different thermal power, and one device allows you to heat water in volumes from 1.46 to 34 m3 of water per hour (with a maximum heating temperature of up to 55°C, and an allowable range of outdoor air temperatures from -25 to + 45°C.

Heat pumps are built using the principle of heat transfer of ambient air energy to the heating of the water flowing through the heat exchanger consumed in the household or building engineering systems through the reverse cycle of the refrigeration machine (heat pump).

The new inverter line of heat pumps of the Arctic series is designed for heating and preparing hot water for commercial facilities and is capable of operating up to -35 ° C outside air thanks to the use of inverter compressors with EVi technology from Copeland / Danfoss.

It is a combined device combining an air condenser with a compressor and an evaporator (as in a window air conditioner), which heats the water in the boiler tank, which, in turn, has an additional electric heater (TEN) and ports for connecting a second circuit for indirect exchange ( e.g. via solar panels).