Split-type Heat Pumps

Inverter type outdoor units of Module-Thermal. Operate on the principle of the heat pump - transfer thermal energy of "street" air to the "room" water through indoor unit refrigerant circuit - hydronic. The system uses refrigerant R410A. System Module-Therma is a complete solution to maintain a comfortable temperature conditions in a residential area. Working on the principle of the heat pump system can be used external energy for heating air and/or air conditioning and heat water for domestic use.

Indoor Units systems Idea produced in a wide range of capacities. Are universal - for connection to various series and types of outdoor units use the same series of internal. It is recommended to use the selection to get real detailed characteristics of the blocks in the context of specific systems.

The Idea factory is constantly working on the introduction of new technologies and improving the quality of products in the series

As optional and additional units, at Module-Therma HPWH system, you can connect:

  • Boiler (water tank) for hot water preparation for domestic hot water. Is connected to the hydraulic kit. equipped with an electric heater 3 kW. Also supports the heating boiler water by means of solar panels. Please check for these devices into Local market.
  • Connection kit for solar panels. Allows you to use as an additional heat source solar energy accumulated in solar panels (or other types of collectors, boilers, heaters)