Light-commercial AC

Split systems consist of indoor and outdoor unit, equipped with infrared remote control, equipped with a variety of options for cleaning the air, ease of operation, the compressor can be fixed and variable (inverter) power. The indoor unit is designed for installation on the wall, on the ceiling of the room.

This type of air-conditioning was the most popular, because the compressor and condenser cooling fan (the most noisy) are in the outer, "street" block and evaporator blower located in the interior, "indoor" unit.

Multi-split systems - air conditioners is one external and multiple (2 – 5 indoors) connected in parallel (separated pipes)  to the indoor units. Such conditioners enable you to optimize space on the facade, without cluttering up his outdor units. In all areas is the possibility of individual adjustment of microclimate. Multisplit system - is air conditioning for small houses or flats big square, but distance from the outdoor unit to each of the internal do not exceed 9-15 m (or subtotal lenght not above 45m).

Compressor-Condensing Units (CCU) - it part of system to be used in central air conditioning systems with direct cooling, which is formally called as the outdoor unit.

Most often, they are connected to the supply air ventilation systems coolers or air conditioners channel high power, provided that the installation of the unit is not possible, but also because of the restrictions permissible load on the roof, large coolers or distance constraints on the budget.