High-static pressure duct

The internal block of the channel type is intended for the concealed installation behind the suspended ceiling and the distribution of air through ducts-ducts. The treated air enters the room through grids or diffusers. High-pressure canalized channel units can be connected to air ducts (channels) up to 8-14 m in length (depending on the model).



  • Ducted air conditioner with high air pressure 90-150 Pa
  • Possibility of adding fresh air
  • Individual wired remote XK02 - included, IR remote with photodetector, optional
  • 2 options for air intake - from the rear of the unit or from the bottom (panel and flanges can be rearranged during installation)
  • Easy access to the motor and impellers for maintenance, the possibility of installing a nylon filter

This chapter include old series and models, which not will be product and supply at feature