This is a split system with indoor unit that can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, respectively, given the specificity of the layout and placement of objects in the room. Main distribution of air occurs only in 1 direction, additional deflection of the flow in the side rails provide manually adjustable slats, the deviation of air flow can be adjusted vertically by deflecting louvers. All wall, ceiling indoor units are equipped with remote control supplied. Wired remote can be installed as an option.


Floor and Ceiling split systems Idea used when the power of the traditional split-system is not enough.

Feature floor-to-ceiling air-conditioners is the ability to mount horizontally on the ceiling or vertically on the wall. This system delivers a wide cooled air flow.

Wall-ceiling air conditioning IDEA IUB-SA6 easily fit into any decor, they can be placed on the wall near the floor and ceiling. Power split systems of this type is comparable to the power of column of air conditioners, but they take up much less space. Installation of wall, ceiling air conditioner - ideal in the case where the cooling / heating capacity of the room Household wall split systems is not enough, and set the cassette or channel is not possible due to lack of air-conditioning ceiling space or ceiling.

This section will host the series and models that are out of production and warehouse stock sold