Service Equipment

Drainage pumps, at usually, used for pump drainage (mostre) water from AC-indoors unit to building water utilization system or sanitary outlet. They used into objects and rooms, where standard type of drainage system not able, not working according gravitation principle.

For make control under the fan-coil units, in which the control system is not installed by the factory - and that, often, duct type and ceiling-floor series, offered range of wired controllers with built-in temperature sensor, which is often referred to as thermostats. By type of control panel can be divided into mechanical and electronic. For all types of fan coils can organize group control, but set an external electronic equipment, and the factory is dismantled.

For workers & servicemans, installation and service organizations will enjoy a lot of refrigerant pipe tools - expanders, rolling, pipe cutters, benders, rimmer and the manifold and accessories for mainfolds. Mini-washing (portable pumper), joints adapters for <

Designed for installation directly in the refrigerant circuit. Available filters, sight glasses, 4-way valves, cappilary, EXV, ports and valves service access

Idea company offer a basic range of instruments & tools for especially measurements, that should be in every assembly company - leak detectors, thermometers, anemometers, recorders and multimeters are the key to a quick and successful implementation of diagnostics in air-conditioning systems of any complexity.