Video Reviews

Air humidifier XJ-770A

Air-Cleaner XJ-3100

Air-cleaner XJ-3800-1

Baby ISR-(09)HR-BN1

Спліт-системи Idea Baby - технології та комфорт для Ваших діток

Blade ISR-(09)HR-CDN1

This short video-spot introduce Idea Blade DC-inverter series of split residential air-conditioners

Diamond PRO ISR-(09)HR-PA6-DN1

Diamond PRO ISR-(09)HR-PA6-N1

Electric Heating ISR-(09)AR-DN1

In this review we will tell you about the main advantages, functions, and equipment of split-systems of the inverter type ISR- (09) AR-DN1 of the Electric Heating series.

Idea Baby Tv commercial

Promotional video of Series air conditioners Idea Baby

Install the Wi-Fi R35G-LK module in the indoor unit

The roller shows the process of connecting and installing the Wi-Fi module to the internal split systems IDEA PRO.

Link to the program AC Freedom for smartphones:

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