Air Cleaners and Humidifiers

Air cleaners are designed to clean the room from the smallest particles contained in a dirty dry indoor air - dust, germs, smoke, harmful bacteria. In operation, the purifier they settle on the walls of the filter, which also contributes to the operation of the ionizer. Thus, the clock is supported by the necessary purity and humidity, as well as saturate it useful for the human body with ozone. The use of cleaner will not only breathe freely and easily, but also to eliminate the causes of many diseases.

Humidity in which a person feels most comfortable in the summer - is 60-70%, and 40-60% in the winter. In our homes, in summer (in dry conditions) the humidity does not exceed 40, and the air conditioner is running, the humidity can be lowered even further. In autumn and winter, especially during the heating season, it drops to 25-30%, with particularly vulnerable children, animals and plants. Health and well-being normal people are directly dependent on the humidity in the room is less than that of the optimum temperature.