This type of split systems supplied with this indoor unit, which must be mounted on the ceiling, providing a first mounting block, and then install the decorative panel entry and exit of air. The main air distribution occurs in 4 directions, additional angular channels provide a more uniform air flow, the air flow deviation can be adjusted vertically by deflecting louvers. All cassette indoor units are equipped with built-in drain pump, decorative louvre panel and remote control are also included. Wired remote can be installed as an option.


Wide range of Idea conditioners combines innovative technology with elegant design

Cassette conditioner SA1 series refers to devices for industrial and semi-industrial classes and is designed to maintain the desired air quality in large rooms:

Cassette Split Systems IDEA ICA/ICC SA6 series able to provide comfortable cooling / heating large rooms. Indoor units can be optionally equipped with a Wi-Fi control module.

In this section you will find models of air conditioners manufactured anymore.