Solar Panels

The solar panel - the main element of the power station. It converts the energy of sunlight with semiconductor devices (solar cells) into electrical energy and generates a constant electric current at its terminals (outputs).

However, in order that they could use it, you need an inverter. The inverter is designed to convert direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current suitable for use bytovymii appliances.

Here you can buy reliable solar panels, the quality of which is tested by time.

Technology production range and main characteristics of the solar cells are constantly improved, that provides them with the growing popularity worldwide.


A series of "ODA" - made of high-tech enterprise, founded in 2005, which systemically produces panel and components for the European market. Decent quality, high efficiency modules and a low level of positive power deviation 0 ~ + 3%, as well as the low level of crystal degradation at high temperatures, resistance to wind and snow loads

Series "TSM" - a high quality product from an industry leader specializing in the supply of panels in Europe and America, produced by the panel - ideal for large-scale projects. Running quality control on the production of 30 parameters (UV, TC, HF, and many others.), Two-time test conducted at the energy-impact, high coeff.

Series "YL" - produced on a large enterprise with its own integrated production chain "from crystals - before the panel." The panels represented in all world markets and widely used in household and industrial SES. Production is characterized by using "high-transmission" windows with a unique anti-reflective coating, concentrating all the power of insolation in the crystals in the panel.