Split-type AC

This type of split systems supplied with this indoor unit, which must be mounted on the ceiling, providing a first mounting block, and then install the decorative panel entry and exit of air. The main air distribution occurs in 4 directions, additional angular channels provide a more uniform air flow, the air flow deviation can be adjusted vertically by deflecting louvers. All cassette indoor units are equipped with built-in drain pump, decorative louvre panel and remote control are also included. Wired remote can be installed as an option.

This is a split system with indoor unit that can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, respectively, given the specificity of the layout and placement of objects in the room. Main distribution of air occurs only in 1 direction, additional deflection of the flow in the side rails provide manually adjustable slats, the deviation of air flow can be adjusted vertically by deflecting louvers. All wall, ceiling indoor units are equipped with remote control supplied. Wired remote can be installed as an option.

Column type (Floor-standing) air-conditioners installed in lobbies, restaurants, cash halls, shops and conference rooms, a large area. They are simple to install, create a powerful air flow directed by two rows of louvers, installed on the floor of the premises and appearance similar to the cabinet. They are used in areas where it is impossible to use the surface of walls and ceilings, and ceiling height up to 5 m, while on the floor there is a stock area. Lineup of floor-standing units –it’s a 4 models,  from 7 to 16 kW, each unit is controlled only individual control.

Indoor unit channel type allows concealed installation in suspended ceilings and air distribution channels, air ducts. These systems are often used in areas where design is important, since the block itself is not visible in the room, but only the lattice diffusers or air distribution visible to the eye. Blocks channel-type medium pressure can be connected to ducts (channels) with a length of 3.7 m. As a rule, such a solution is sufficient for a single storey cottage or a large store room with separated rooms, a small distance between them.

The internal block of the channel type is intended for the concealed installation behind the suspended ceiling and the distribution of air through ducts-ducts. The treated air enters the room through grids or diffusers. High-pressure canalized channel units can be connected to air ducts (channels) up to 8-14 m in length (depending on the model).

Outdoor units with constant power compressor provides high efficiency and reliability, supplied semi-split systems or can be supplied separately as CCU central vent installations. Electronic protection systems installed by the manufacturer and monitored during a number of important parameters. Manage the outdoor unit can both internal supplied Idea, or automation system by the criterion of start of the compressor, fan, 4-way valve, in the case of their role in the CMC.

Universal outdoor units are supplied as part of semi-split systems of various types.

Idea air conditioners have various forms of control. By default, the control is carried out by an infrared remote control unit, which comes with air conditioning. However, various wired control panels can be connected to the indoor unit, either as usual or with a weekly timer, for example. It is also possible to control several air conditioners from one group controller.