Controllers VRF

To manage VRF systems, we offer a wide range of wired controllers that diversion can be divided into three main groups: the control for indoor units - you can also divide them into individual (for one unit) and group (for multiple units), for monitoring operating parameters outdoor units, for especially  focused tasks - specialized controllers. If necessary, on the basis of controllers can build a more developed and complex control system with data output on a server BMS, Internet, dedicated management server.


Controllers - Accessories include:

  • NIM01 - Addressing Module:
  • NIM05 - Guest Card Controller;
  • NIM09 - Guest card controller with motion sensor. Infrared motion sensor, allows you to turn off the indoor unit, with a long absence of people in the room;
  • KJR31B - Group (up to 64 indoor units) switch interlock;
  • KJR32B - Individual Alarm / External Gateway MDV;
  • DTS-634 - Electricity meter with digital output.

Infra-red remote control prednaznachin for remote control operation modes of the indoor unit. Range up to 10m.

Midea Integrated Management System (IMM) is designed specifically for central multi-zone air conditioning systems. IMM is designed to solve a variety of tasks depending on the size of the building and its functional purpose. The system includes an intelligent interface module with an integrated WEB server (IMM441V4PA58) and IMM-ENET-MA software.

IMM-ENET-MA - PC software.

Minimum computer requirements:

Wired control panels are mounted on the wall and are designed to select the unit's operating modes and display equipment status. May have a backlight and a built-in temperature sensor.

CCM30 - its a new model of central VRF controller, with touch-type buttons and enhanced function of LCD-indicator (include remain of filter cleaning icon) 

CCM09 - its a specialized model of central VRF controller, with enhanced timer function and LCD-indicator. Timer for 4 day periods and 7 days (week schedule) and clock are available for each indoor unit.

CCM03 - its a based model of central VRF controller, with buttons and enhanced function of LCD-indicator with blue backlight.